Holistic Cyber Security is a Great Security Methodology

InfoSec Cyber Security is moving towards a holistic approach to address the issues of using the same information for reporting and communications which are understandable by all disciplines within the organization.

Key Risk indicators (KRIs) exist to enable your organization to see your cyber risk posture (against your risk tolerance) at any moment in time. These KRIs are driven via the combination of security metrics. Multiple metrics provide a data-driven view of your cyber risk posture.

The above items enable your team to accurately present your risk posture for monthly board meetings, quickly identify the security operation that is deficient and the security function that needs correction.

Clearly as areas are improved, successive KRIs will demonstrate that your remediation efforts succeeded in the planned correction. Your risk score will increase (which is positive), based upon actual data from your network metrics, not an estimate from multiple colleagues.

Cyber security risk and readiness assessments enable you to pinpoint which pieces of your network infrastructure, access management, physical security, patch management, data loss prevention, user analytics, and other InfoSec require remediation efforts. This is akin to a continuous audit.

These are key requirements to better manage your cyber security risk posture.

It is impossible to know where your next threat is coming from. It could be a phishing attack, vulnerable software, an insider attack, or even domain hijacking. Do you have the right tools in place to understand the InfoSec risks in near-real time? A properly managed SOC (Security Operations Center) is a valuable, critical asset.

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