About Us

About us

WPY Data was founded by a team of well qualified and experienced IT Information Risk Management professionals. WPY Data is a leader in providing Holistic Cyber Security products and services. 

We understand that by itself, technology isn't a driver of change. It is a driver of change when coupled with, and subject to, evolving business needs and technology trends. WPY Data was formed with the overarching goal to leverage innovations to provide a Holistic Cyber Security structure and Risk Measurement, representing a disruptive competitive advantage.

Our business leadership group is experienced team committed to the idea of leveraging technology to provide high value cyber security solutions. This core group brings with it experience in terms of both business strategy and execution as well as data governance across the globe.

To us, our customers are partners in our mutual growth. Contact us today!

About Us > Our Team 
Our core team includes the following people:

Dennis S. Mitrano, President & CEO
Dennis is a business executive with over 25 years experience bringing technologies and companies to market. He has a broad background in communications, outsourced business services and consumer marketing. He is well known for his corporate and board leadership; his domestic and international management, marketing and sales successes include conceiving and executing mass consumer campaigns and Fortune 100 partnership development.

Dennis has held officer-level positions at Axiologix, DayStar Communications, Dliveo, Premiere Global Services, Intelispan, Enrev Corporation, and ICG Communications. He was a key member of the executive team at Sprint and National Data. He has also developed and executed the strategy to have a market entrant grow to a $1.2 billion run rate within 12 months. Dennis successfully gained the attention of senior management within the top wireless handset manufacturers and service providers for an early stage wireless firm. As a leader on the restructuring team at a midcap firm (~$500 million in revenue), he facilitated revenue growth after three years of declining revenue. He has navigated venture funded and public companies to decision points for over twenty years.

He holds an MBA from George Washington University, majoring in Finance and International business, and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Virginia Tech. he has taken advanced education courses at Harvard University. He is currently on the advisory boards of two early stage firms and has been involved with ATP and TAG organizations for over 10 years.

For more information, please contact Dennis at +1 678-731-9800 or dsmitrano@WPYData.com

    Kevin M. Hayes, COO
    Kevin creates and successfully communicates an organization's infrastructure vision as well as the directional steps for implementation. He is adept at delivering business value from technology initiatives. Results are created through a combination of alignment processes such as risk management, IT governance, solution pilots, product development strategy, metrics definition and identification of competitive advantages.

    Kevin was responsible for several technology based company business restructurings, as well as call center restructurings and creation of a risk management methodology. Kevin has held officer and board assignments including being a founder, board member and CTO of eB2B Commerce [NASDAQ], a vertical market place company that provides supply chain solutions to multiple clients. eB2B specialized in vertical marketplaces for sporting goods, golf and chain drug stores. He also served as CIO of FIND/SVP where he was responsible for strategic re-alignment and transformation to an electronic delivery capability.

    His overall responsibilities of strategic business definition include integration of business strategy with systems architecture and technology development. His experience extends from practical management of business start-ups to strategic and operational improvements for mid-cap and large enterprises. Kevin works extensively with clients to provide solutions for supply chain, privacy, corporate governance, and electronic commerce.

    Kevin holds B.S. degrees in Technology and Information Management as well as Economics from Washington University in St. Louis. He is the past co-chair of the Privacy working group for the Georgia Electronic Commerce Association. Kevin is past chair of the Atlanta Electronic Commerce Forum and current board member.

    For more information, please contact Kevin at +1 678-731-9800 or khayes@WPYData.com
      About Us > Clients
      WPY Data has worked with clients across the globe. It is our pride to say that most of the clients who chose to utilize our services are today valuable partners in our mutual progress.