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WPY Data

Monitor Additional Vendors

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We offer additional Vendors for you to monitor within the following products:

  • Reporting for your Privacy and Cyber Risk Profile
  • Managed Privacy and Cybersecurity Reporting and Remediation
  • Third-Party Risk Management

We search vendor data metrics throughout the web. These metrics range from patching cadence to reporting information about your vendor on the Dark Web. All alerts regarding a Vendor are in your inbox!

You will receive:

  • Unlimited assessments for your chosen vendors
  • Full time monitoring of your chosen vendors
  • Vendor inventory
  • Historical view of each chosen vendor
  • The IP address for end point issues
  • Matching each vendor's compliance risk mapped by leading industry frameworks or standards
  • Automatic risk scoring for each vendor
  • Vendor onboarding process
  • Remediation suggestions for your analysts review and processing
  • Assessment templates
  • Access to more that 5 million continuously monitored companies

The executive dashboard provides a summary overview for your management team. Detailed information and remediation are available for your technical resources. 

Please select the number of Additional Vendors with full capability you want to add to your portfolio in your order.