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Board Services

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There are increasing pressures for boards to have a thorough understanding of information security risks and their implications for the organization. This understanding is critical for good governance and in some cases, is required by regulations.

WPY Data's board services provide expertise on a virtual basis to help boards gain a better understanding of the cybersecurity implications and impacts on the organization. By engaging with cyber security experts, boards gain a more detailed understanding of the risks and threats faced by the organization, as well as the strategies and measures that can be implemented to mitigate these risks.

These services include providing regular updates on cyber threats and trends, and the organization’s risk based on the information security posture. Additionally, cyber security experts can assist boards in reviewing and assessing cyber security incidents and breaches and provide guidance on the appropriate response to such incidents.

By engaging cyber security expertise on a virtual basis, boards can benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts without having to invest in costly and time-consuming training or hiring processes. This can help boards make more informed decisions about cyber security risks and ensure that they are meeting their obligations in terms of good governance and regulatory compliance.