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WPY Data

Reporting for Cybersecurity and Privacy Risk Posture

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Reporting for Cybersecurity and Privacy Risk Posture is critical in breach minimization and PII exposure. Our indicators are continually updated in real time.

We gather our data metrics from Internal and External data sources plus continually scan for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) exposure vulnerability. Our metrics range from privacy exposure to privileged access management to reporting information about your firm on the Dark Web.

This solution set provides the standard set of Privacy and Information Security Key Risk Indicators (KRIs). You will be notified as exposed PII is discovered within your network. Examples of PII include: healthcare records, user names, passwords, bank account information, facial recognition, gender identity, passports, etc. We will pinpoint the location of the exposed PII, down to the device, file, category, field,  value and PII context level.

All PII vulnerabilities searches are customizable based upon search criteria. Pricing varies based upon the PII features chosen.

The executive dashboard provides a summary overview for your management team and your Board of Directors. Each display shows the most recent 12 instances of data for trending purposes. 

An additional option is to include Third-Party Vendor Management for your team to select your key vendors to monitor on daily basis for updates to their networks. The reporting tools enable you to track vulnerabilities, malware infections, out of date operating systems, patch management, and many other critical issues as they access your network. This subscription includes TPRM reporting (one Vendor) for your firm.

Our dashboard enables you to hover and select a period. Once that period is selected, the underlying gauges will change to reflect the data associated with the selected period. All KRIs are viewable via a drop down menu. You can save them, print them and/or email them to your management, board, and IT staff.

Your services can be customized to meet your firm's requirements. They can also be rolled up by company, division, group, etc.